Period essentials

Come that time of the month and suddenly for some of us, our mood swings /period cramps and discomfort takes over our life.Many of us are lucky to have regular cycles where we get a chance to plan our activities accordingly .We carefully chose the dates for our picnics, pool parties and girls night out to avoid clashing them around our expected start dates.But for a few of destiny’s unlucky kids ( like me :) ) periods dates are not regular and there are either delays of preponed menstruation making it tougher .To ease our challenges and give us some comfort we have listed down the top 5 things we all need to make our menstraution easier and less painful.

1. Period tracking -

It is always advisable to keep a record of our menstruation dates .A correct record will give us insights about our period pattern .It will also help us be better prepared .A regular period cycle can also help us know better about different phases of menstration like the follicle phase and over all health .A delayed period can be caused due to multiple reasons but keeping a record will help us identify the issues earlier and as they say ,a stick in time saves nine.


2.Comfortable inner wear and supply of our choice of Period products -

Be it Pads,tampons or mentrual cups whatever is our choice of product and suits us better .It always helps to keep an adequate supply of sanitary products handy and in stock.I personally have a small basket tucked in my cupboard where I stock my essentials stacked and stocked .I always try to keep at least one month’s supply extra (or an extra mentrual cup for cup users )just to ensure that I am covered and/or if I have a friend over and she needs to borrow.Different sizes of pads/tampons depending on our flow ,some panty liners ,hygiene wipes and some cloth towels.

Not to forget our comfortable inner wear which goes along our sanitary products .Most of us feel bloated around our abdomen during /before our periods and a slightly loose inner wear/panty works wonders.I love comfortable cotton panty in darker colors but whatever suits your moods ,keep them washed and handy to keep your period worries at bay.


3.Favourite snack/chocolate 

Periods can cause discomfort to many of us like irregular sleep pattern, loss of appetite due to bloating or excessive lethargy and tiredness , are the most common side effects .I also feel nauseous leaving a bad after taste after meals during my mentraul cycle .I suggest we can indulge in our favourite snack ,choclate or whatever tickles our taste buds during our periods to manage our mood swings and stay active and healthy.A big jar of peanut butter cookies is my secret Period woes fighting weapon ,whats your’s?


4.Essential ‘Me time’ 

Disturbed sleep ,mood swings and loss of appetite can makes erratic and make us lose our calm.I strongly suggest we should all keep some time for ourselves to indulge in our favourite hobbies ,be it gardening ,music or an extra hour of afternoon siesta during our periods to maintain our physical and emotional well being.Our bodies go through varied phases and its always a good idea to give it time to heal and process the changes.I love to sip my favourite honey cinnamon tea while reading some fiction /drama novels to keep me relaxed and calm throughout my period days.Find your favourite me time activity and enjoy a smooth sail .


5.Positive attitude and perspective about your body/periods and overall life

This one is a monster truth .We must embrace and appreciate our selves for who and how we are .Being a woman gives us the power to bring life to this world and our periods are an essence of our womanhood  and fertility .Embrace them and the changes they bring along with them ,find your ways to manage the discomfort .Its important to not believe in myths and incorrect orthodox beliefs that might cause unreasonable stress around this topic.Understand your body ,share your knowledge and try to help those around you who are still evolving.Each woman is unique and there is only of our kind in the entire world so enjoy the uniqueness in you .

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