How to use Tampon?

Tampon is a feminine hygiene product used to absorb menstrual flow. It is made of soft cotton, tampons come in a cylinder-like shape, designed to be effortlessly inserted into the vagina.They come in different absorbencies and different sizes depending on age, body type and shape of an individual. Although it is inserted into the vagina, it will not get lost or get stuck inside you. Once it has absorbed the blood you can pull it out with the string attached to the product or if the string breaks, you can reach in and pull the tampon out using your fingers. If you are using a tampon for the first time then it is advisable to use a ‘slender’ size tampon and do not worry, you will be able to insert it easily during moderate to heavy flow. Also listed below is a quick guide to use a tampon. 

1. Buy the appropriate/right size tampon: It is helpful to start with a slender tampon if using it for the first time. 

2. Wash your hands before use: It is important to wash your hands before inserting the tampon to prevent contamination. Although, the application is sterile, it is good to wash your hands before starting. Hygiene is important, so if the tampon drops on the floor, discard it.

3. Insert the tampon: You can insert it sitting on the toilet or standing. Sit on the toilet with your knees spread wider that usual and find your vagina. Yes, it can be tricky during first few times. There are three openings: the first opening is called urethra from where urine exit, the middle opening is the vagina and the opening at the back is anus.

Now, hold the applicator correctly at the midpoint where the larger tube and the smaller tube of the applicator meet. Hold it between your thumb and the middle finger with your index finger at the end where the string is present.
Insert the larger tube into the vagina. Push it until your finger at the midpoint of the applicator touches the flesh.

4. Change your tampon: You need to change the tampon every four to six hours. Although extremely rare, there is a possibility of Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) as result of leaving a tampon inside the vagina for too long. TSS is a serious medical condition caused by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. So, it should not be left inside the vagina more than six hours. If you sleep more than six hours at night, use a pad instead of using a tampon.

5. Remove the tampon: Removing a tampon is not at all painful, so relax. All you have to do is – slowly pull out the tampon by tugging the string at the end of the tampon. It can be slightly uncomfortable as there can be some friction. If you feel some resistance, it can be because it is too dry. Use water and it will come out easily. Dispose the tampon in a bin. Some tampons can be flushed, so read the instructions provided on the packet to know whether it has to be flushed or thrown in a bin. The best way is to wrap it in a paper and throw it in a bin.

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