Working Women Tampons Kit

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The most modern from of menstrual protection: O.b. tampons are made of compressed layers of highly absorbent fibres which are interwoven to hold together and remain intact. Safe and conveniet, o.b. Body structure and menstrual flow differ from woman to woman.

Dettol Wipes – Original – 10 Wipes

Dettol Wipes kills 99.99% of germs directly without water. This Instant requires no rinsing off and leaves your skin 99.99% germ free. Complete with a non-sticky formula, it can be used anytime wherever-in the bus, at workplace.

Zuci Hand Sanitizer (30 ML)

Go natural with Zuci Natural Instant Hand Sanitizer. It protects your hand against germs, gives it a natural scent and softly moisturizes your skin. Hand Sanitizer Features: • With moisture and Vitamin E • Kills 99.9% germs

Bella Panty Liners - Bellissimia (Comfort) - FREE SIZE

Breathable panty liners with soft cotton like cover at the edges and dry in the middle, for daily use; for white discharges; while light and last days of period; during pregnancy;contains MAGIC GEL for better absorption; first step for bladder weakness


This includes Tea and Sanitary Bags This includes Tea and Sanitary Bags for safe and discreet disposal of used pads/tampons.

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