everteen® Bikini Line Hair Remover Crème

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Specifically designed for sensitive skin, everteen® Bikini Line Hair Remover Crème is ideal for removing unwanted hair from your bikini line. Not only this, you can also use it for other areas such as underarms, face and chin. The ingredients in this crème are 100% natural. It has also been enriched with pure extracts of soothing chamomile. Say good bye to strong and pungent hair removers that can damage or darken your sensitive areas. Choose everteen® Bikini Line Hair Remover Crème that gives you smooth and silky skin while nourishing and protecting your intimate areas – without irritation or itchiness. What’s more, this everteen® crème also gives you freedom from burning sensation while removing hair.
• No cuts, nicks & burns
• No skin darkening or harsh smell 
• No razor bumps or ingrown hair