Ultra Nights Extra Heavyflow XL Wings 7 Pads/C&D Wash - Luxuria Kit

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Whisper Sanitary Napkins - Whisper Ultra Nights XL Wings - 7 Pads

Whisper Nights XL Wings Sanitary Pads provides additional protection against front and back escapes as well. The ultra thin sanitary pads give you unparalleled comfort. The odor fighting expertise of Whisper ultra night XL wings extra heavy flow sanitary pads keeps you fresh during your period. Being a woman is a special feeling; don't let the difficulty of the monthly cycles have an effect on you. 

Bella Panty Liners - Bellissimia (Comfort) - FREE SIZE

Breathable panty liners with soft cotton like cover at the edges and dry in the middle, for daily use; for white discharges; while light and last days of period; during pregnancy;contains MAGIC GEL for better absorption; first step for bladder weakness

Zuci Hand Sanitizer(30 ML)

Go natural with Zuci Natural Instant Hand Sanitizer. It protects your hand against germs, gives it a natural scent and softly moisturizes your skin. Hand Sanitizer Features: • With moisture and Vitamin E • Kills 99.9% germs.

Dettol Wipes - Original - 10 Wipes

Dettol Wipes kills 99.99% of germs directly without water. This Instant requires no rinsing off and leaves your skin 99.99% germ free. Complete with a non-sticky formula, it can be used anytime wherever-in the bus, at workplace.

C&D Wash

Clean and Dry Wash for every woman who needs to stay unhindered and free. This product is designed for women in order to remain fresh and trouble free. This wash takes care of their delicate skin of the private areas. It keeps you away from itchiness and wetness which bound to happen in active feminine lives. Think of a fresh and free life which Clean and Dry wash promises you to give. You can be active and rejuvenated without any hassle or hang up to think about. It gives you extreme freshness and lightness which would love to experience. To stay away from odour or irritation is the best of cleansing solution. The first of the Clean and Dry products, launched in 2011, it paved the path for intimate feminine hygiene products in India. Doctor recommended, it provides gentle and effective relief from burning, itching, irritation and other vaginal infections. It also fights Vaginitis. Regular application can cure Vaginitis in a week to ten days.


This includes Tea and Sanitary Bags.